BabRizk Project

Sector: Livelihood

Funded by: Life-USAID Nationalities: 100% Lebanese

As part of Bab Rizk Hub (including Rene Mouawad Foundation, Shift and Dar Al Zahraa), Akkarouna aims to enhance the economic conditions of small and micro enterprises in peri urban areas of Tripoli. The main activities are as follows:

1- Outreached: 250 micro and small enterprises in addition to startup businesses from Mankoubin, Wadi Nahle, Beddawi and Malloule.

2- 100 micro businesses (selected based on socio economic and business criteria) to receive General Employability Skills training.

3- At least 40 out of the 100 micro businesses receive Business Development Skills Training.

4- The trained micro businesses receive In-kind grants that aim to enhance their income-generating opportunities (enhanced productivity, potential to add employees, etc.)

Bab Rizk (continued)

In addition to the aforementioned activities, Akkarouna will be responsible for the execution of other common activities in close collaboration with hub members:

· Development of a Mobile Application with two main objectives: marketing and communication

· Business Boot Camp including shared experiences, role modeling, career and entrepreneurship guidance

· Women Empowerment Intervention emphasizing the vital role of females as productive members of the economy


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