SAWA 5 Project

In partnership with: IOM

Funded by: King Slaman

Humanitarian and Relief Centre Nationalities: 50% Syrian, 50% Lebanese

Following the Syrian crisis, Akkarouna had implemented three generations of SAWA projects and is currently executing the fourth and fifth series. The projects aim to reduce tension between host and displaced community members and to strengthen local government’s capacity to respond to priority needs.

The general methodology includes:

1. A rapid assessment to measure the tension rates at the beginning of the project

2. The establishment of a collective committee in each of the targeted villages

3. The committee then undergoes facilitation sessions discussing village history, tension roots and incidents to finally propose three interventions that may enhance the Syrian-Lebanese relationship

4. The implementation of an approved intervention by the donor taking into consideration the environmental aspect

5. Conducting an introductory event to inform the community members of the upcoming project

6. Regular committee meetings to ensure the sense of ownership

7. Project handover to the local authorities (i.e.: municipality).

SAWA 5 (continued)

· Targeted localities: Merkabta, Bhanine

· Committee members:

· Each committee contains 10 members (50% Syrian, 50% Lebanese members with an inclusion of females and youth).

· Approved Interventions: water point, dispensary